October in our class

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General overview

RUWAT is now the name of our group and we are still very busy working for an expedition to the Pacific Ocean.



We are still receiving and replying emails to our client. Guided Reading has started very well in the RUWAT. Children made predictions, diagrams, analysed features of non-fiction texts and play scripts, and sequenced a story.

For Halloween, we described a story setting for an image of a spooky haunted house. The Children were very creative using a variety of strategies to create atmosphere and catch reader’s attention.



The RUWAT is becoming very adventurous with the Maths. They have been able to use multiplication of 3 and 4 digit numbers and addition to calculate the total price of the equipment needed for their expedition. The most challenging part this term, has been working with decimals and percentages, related to some discounts offered from two different underwater equipment providers.


Our main focus, last week, was to identify properties of different materials that can go under water.


We were a bit unsure of the reasons why we celebrate Halloween and we found out closely about its origins.


Here is a brief introduction from Georgeta Gherghinoiu, our new art teacher: “I have painted since I was five and I have tried to find out the mystery of teaching since I was eleven.
Probably that’s the reason why I am here today, doing my best in guiding those who are the most creative of us: the children. I’ve graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, in the Department of Graphic Arts as well as in the Department of Training for Teaching Personnel (DPPD). For six years I’ve been working in the field of Art Restoration and Conservation, being part of the teams that restored monuments like the Bran Castle (Bran, Brașov), The Episcopal Church Curtea de Arges ( Curtea de Arges) the Stavropoleos Church, the Russian Church, and Coral Temple (Bucharest). Meantime, I’ve been doing art workshops and art summer schools, here, in Romania, but also in Ukraine and USA. I strongly believe that anyone can draw or paint; they just need to be challenged to discover and improve their creativity and imagination”.


In the introduction I have done the preparation of the body for exercise followed by rolling over the head and I have continued with force development for arms, legs and abdomen. The emphasis was on the student’s knowledge of the body’s preparation for exercises in the correct order for the body parts: head, neck, shoulders, arms, back, hips, knees, legs and ankles. After correct preparation of the body for effort we did relays against time in the apply trail: rolling over the head, bouncing with the knees to the chest. I did force development exercises: burpees, sit-ups, and push-ups. In the last 5 minutes of the class we did mindful body exercises with relaxation music.


During the Romanian classes we continued to focus on both aspects of the language learning: speaking and writing.
We have been using the Romanian language as much as possible, in normal, real contexts, to improve understanding and producing it. We try to give our instructions/ explanations, to describe (people or objects) and to narrate (facts, events) in Romanian.
In writing, we continued to use our notebooks and to complete worksheets on different topics (the noun, synonyms, antonyms, word order in sentence, punctuation marks, layout).
We continued to read, and practiced comprehension by asking open questions to some specific words and to answer some other questions.
We played many games in order to listen / understand and produce spoken language and also in order to increase our confidence in speaking / acting.


We will soon start taking some action in our expedition. We will write accounts on our experience and we will write newspaper articles.

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