October in our class

Science (2) (Copy)

General overview

We had a very busy October. We were exploring our topic of Who am I? We looked at ourselves from when we were babies to where we are now. We looked at continents and where we come from. We learned how to make maps and navigate around our local area. We have been fine tuning our mental math skills and working on our literacy skills. The children have now settled into the classroom routine and are working hard and showing a lot of interest in their topic, and our participating well. We look forward to starting our new topic of toys in November!


In English we have been building our phonetic knowledge so we can apply it to our written work.
We have been practicing identifying bad spelling and punctuation in Silly Sentences and using our new knowledge to correct them.
We have been reading and practicing our understanding of the text.
We have been practicing sight words and using fun interactive games like BAM! to reinforce and consolidate the words.

English (Copy)


In maths we have been working on becoming Mental Maths Masters. We are practicing mental addition and subtraction every day. We are working on addition with HTU , identifying 2D and 3D shapes, categorizing symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes, and skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s to set the groundwork for multiplication next term.

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In Science we have been working on the human body. We have been investigating the circulatory system, specifically the heart, arteries and veins. We have also looked at bones and teeth.

Science 3 (Copy)


In Social Studies we have been working on map reading and drawing. We have learnt the Cardinal Directions and the purpose of a Compass Rose. We have mapped our classroom and designed our own Hallowe’en Town. We have been learning about the seven continents and the five great oceans, and we will apply this further with our next unit on toys.


Here is a brief introduction from Georgeta Gherghinoiu, our new art teacher: “I have painted since I was five and I have tried to find out the mystery of teaching since I was eleven.
Probably that’s the reason why I am here today, doing my best in guiding those who are the most creative of us: the children. I’ve graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, in the Department of Graphic Arts as well as in the Department of Training for Teaching Personnel (DPPD). For six years I’ve been working in the field of Art Restoration and Conservation, being part of the teams that restored monuments like the Bran Castle (Bran, Brașov), The Episcopal Church Curtea de Arges ( Curtea de Arges) the Stavropoleos Church, the Russian Church, and Coral Temple (Bucharest). Meantime, I’ve been doing art workshops and art summer schools, here, in Romania, but also in Ukraine and USA. I strongly believe that anyone can draw or paint; they just need to be challenged to discover and improve their creativity and imagination”.
I strongly believe that anyone can draw or paint; they just need to be challenged into discovering and improving their creativity and imagination.


I continued with rolling over the head and general force development. We started learning to bounce with the knees to the chest through the apply trail. Before the exercises in the apply trail we did warm up exercises for head, shoulders, back, arms, legs, hips, knees and ankles, and different types of running and walking like the animals (bunny, gorilla, bear, scorpion). We did relays against time in the apply trail: rolling over, jumping in circle and bouncing with the knees to the chest. I continued with force development exercises. In the last 5 minutes of the class we did mindful body exercises with relaxation music.


We had a lovely day celebrating Halloween and discovering its origins. Some children came in fancy dress and we made a spooky pumpkin book to celebrate the holiday.


Romanian (Copy)

During the Romanian classes we continued to focus on both aspects of the language learning: speaking and writing.
We express our ideas in fluent, correct Romanian language. We can talk about what we DID in the recent past (ex. last weekend), using the past tenses. We can also express plans for the near future (ex. next weekend), using the future tense. We try to use longer, more complex sentences and ideas.
In writing, we continued our individual notebooks, we wrote letters and words, paying attention to the syllables (focus on vowels). We had to complete different worksheets, and we started to read quite correctly in Romanian. We keep our written work in individual folders that are always to be found in teachers′ room.
We played games and competitions in order to get more self-confident and also to learn to work as a team.


Next half term we will be starting on a new unit that will be all about toys. We will discover what materials toys are made from in science. We will learn about forces and electronics. In Social Studies we will look at toys from around the world, past, present and future. In English we will read the story of Pinocchio and discuss how the story develops as well as look at Pinocchio’s actions and how they could have been different if he had been more mindful. We will be using toys in maths to practicing measuring and weighing, as well as practicing fractions and multiplication.

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We would love parents, grandparents and guardians to come to school and share an experience with the class. We are looking for anybody who has any old toys from their childhood, or from their parents lying around the house or in the attic to please bring them to school and tell us about how you/your parents enjoyed playing with them. If you are feeling shy and would prefer to send the toys to school and have the children have a look at them, please send them in!