Verita student councils serve to develop leadership skills, foster community awareness and participation and promote school spirit. 

Leadership & Student Agency 

While some Primary schools have student councils, Secondary school is usually the first time that students gain a recognized voice in the school community. Learning about leadership is a key activity for many middle school student councils. Student council members learn how to research, plan, organize and execute programs and activities for a large number of students. 

Fundraising & Service Learning Projects

Student councils devote a substantial portion of their time to fundraising activities to support our Service Learning Projects and Verita Foundation Initiatives. Student councils help finance a number of events each year for the student community such as Karma Kitchen, Dance of Kindness, dances, trips and other school projects.

Special Events

While spirit weeks are fun, special events that last just one day or evening also offer students a way to break up the routine of school. These events may be held annually, like during Christmas season or on Valentine’s Day. While other special events may occur on a more frequent basis  community clean-up days and student-of-the-month days.

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