About our Educators

Our educators are highly skilled Foreign and Romanian teachers that are required to have an Academic Degree(s) in Education and at least 2 years full-time classroom teaching experience.

Through a rigorous hiring process, we evaluate educators across four areas of professional practice standards that align with the VIS approach.

Application information and background

We interview most staff on more than one occasion to ensure we have thoroughly inquired about their past endeavours and personal values, driving force and passion. After this stage we then explore and cultivate the following areas:

Empowering Educators

Once we hire exceptional educators, we empower them to facilitate the best education possible for your children.

Educators are supported by

  • A creative and constantly innovating development model of events and trainings
  • Opportunities for professional growth and development
  • The flexibility to create meaningful experiences for their students
  • A professional learning community from which to draw and share best practices


If you want to work on our amazing team of world-class educators, or be a part of the administration of staff of the school, check out our open positions below.

Management Team

Richard Joannides


Richard graduated from Loyola Marymount University – Los Angeles, California with a degree in Early Childhood Education Master Degree from Oxford University in History. He has traveled and studied around the world: Los Angeles, Loyola University Rome, Marymount University Bonn Germany and Oxford University – Queens College.

Richard grew up in Los Angeles, California and Athens, Greece. As a full-time father of three boys, Richard is passionate about children and education and has been working for the last five years as a teacher and Director of Social Emotional Learning. Richard is also a play therapist with young children diagnosed with cancer at the Fundeni Hospital. He has over 10 years of experience with Mindfulness Parenting and teaching and has traveled the world to attend many courses, retreats and workshops in America, Europe and Asia, led by such eminent teachers as Jack Kornfield, John Kabat-Zinn and Susan Kaiser. His hobbies include music, guitar and tennis.

Founder of Verita Group: January 2010 – present

Verita International School brings a new approach to education with emphasis on teaching children wisdom in life. www.veritaschool.ro

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” (Mandela)

Verita 4 All Foundation

Our main focus is on Children Educational Programs for orphans and underprivileged families. Education is one of the single most vital elements in combating poverty. Other important projects include: Helping children with cancer, the Elderly and Hospice Centers. www.veritafoundation.ro

“We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love” (Mother Theresa)

Damian Ward

Director of School

Damian originates from Coventry in the United Kingdom. He has an honours degree in English with Qualified Teacher Status from the University of Warwick and he also holds a National Professional Qualification in Headship (NPQH). His teaching career took him all around the West Midlands where he was previously a head in a small primary school with 210 students and then Head of a much larger primary school of over 600 students.

He has a very clear sense of purpose and the necessary determination to make that a reality, he wants every child to truly enjoy learning – a key skill we need to pass onto our children. His special areas of interest are in the development of language and Mathematics. He passionately believes in challenging and supporting the staff at Verita to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning improves year on year.

Most importantly he sees his role to enhance the Verita curriculum, celebrate the successes and achievements of students and staff and truly raise aspirations in the whole community to strive to ‘be the best that they can be’. Every person is precious in his eyes, their talents and gifts are there to be honed and improved upon so that they can truly achieve their dreams.

Mason McCormick

Principal of Primary

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Mason has spent the last decade teaching and leading learning in North America, Asia, Africa and now Europe. Mason is a dedicated and student-focused educator. He is a lead-learner who is able to manage operational matters of school organizations. He is skilled at driving academic improvement, motivating top performing teams, and leading schools through critical transitions.

Mason holds an Ontario Principal certificate, a bachelor of Arts and Education, as well as a Masters of Education with a focus on educating culturally and linguistically diverse students. He has led three schools through the accreditation process. Mason has worked with the International Baccalaureate (IB), Canadian, British, and American, curriculums. He brings his passion for curriculum to Verita to develop and improve our ieyc, ipc, and imyc curriculum framework.

Rico Chow

Principal of Secondary

Rico originates from Toronto in Canada. He holds an honours degree in Literature, Anthropology, and Education. Rico has spent the last several years teaching abroad. Prior to joining Verita, he was teaching Language & Literature and Humanities at an IB World School in Muscat, Oman at the secondary level. It was here where he refined his inquiry-based approach to learning through the IB framework.

It was here where he refined his inquiry-based approach to learning through the IB framework. Rico also served as an Extended Essay supervisor for DP students during his tenure in Oman. But the roots of his inquiry- based approach began during his formative teaching years back home in Toronto at an IB school. During his time here, Rico worked extensively with the Ontario curriculum in conjunction with the IB which fostered his passion for inquiry- based approach to learning. Since then, he has spent the last 3 years at Verita shaping the secondary school’s identity, culture, and implementing best teaching practices. Lastly, Rico believes that relationships are the most important aspect of educating teenagers. Fostering a positive relationship with teenagers comes first, educating them comes second. In essence, Rico does not believe you can teach teenagers before you reach their hearts.

Gabriela Simionescu

Co-Founder & PE, Music and outdoor learning for EY, Y1 and Y2

Gabriela graduated Languages from the University of Bucharest and worked for 1 year in a state school. Then she founded a private English Kindergarten and taught over 220 children English, Math, History and many others for 32 years. Her life went through schools, marriage, 1 son, lots of hobbies (reading, music, sports, travel, theatre, film, languages, sewing) and, lately, 2 lovely granddaughters. In 2014 Gabriela joined Richard in this beautiful project called Verita International School, a dream that she had for a long time… So she continues teaching with passion, in a new environment. Continuity and change!


Wendi Shumard

Secondary Mathematics

Hailing from the United States of America, Wendi is a  seasoned international educator, whose most recent post was as head of mathematics on the island of Curaçao. Wendi also has experience working in Turkey and the United States. She has extensive experience teaching iGCSE and IB mathematics and languages.

Wendi holds a masters degree in the art of teaching English as a second language, and curriculum development from the University of Maryland. She  also holds teaching certifications in English Language Arts, French, and Maths.

Ben Wall

Year 7 English, Years 7-9 Humanities, Year 10 History

Originally from North Carolina, USA, Ben has been on an international teaching adventure for several years. Ben chose Verita because he enjoys working within a collaborative community, where he can grow professionally and make a meaningful impact on students’ lives.

He holds a Masters of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of North Carolina. Ben began his teaching career in the public school system in the United States, but has since been a teacher and department head in Guatemala and China.

Nom Such

Year 1C Teacher

Originally from South Africa, Nom joined Verita with diverse experience leading organisations around the globe such as the British Council in Qatar, Varsity College in South Africa and British Gas in the UK. Following her experience in the workforce, Nom achieved a degree in Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development from the University of South Africa.

She also holds degrees in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy as well as in Communication Science. Nom has been living and teaching in Romania since 2015, working as a lead teacher at another international school in Bucharest. She enjoys facilitating learning by using an inquiry based teaching approach.

Maz Leite

Year 2B Teacher

Maz holds both Australian and British passports, but proudly calls Australia home. After graduating with a graduate diploma in teaching and learning from Charles Darwin University, Maz spent several years teaching primary at schools in New South Wales, Australia. In 2016, Maz was bitten by the travel bug and became an international teacher working in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at an IPC school.

She fell in love with international teaching, inquiry based learning, and exploring our wonderful world. She joins Verita with energy, passion, and IPC experience.

Roxana Postolache

Year 2C Teacher

Roxana is a devoted teaching professional with the gift to reach each and every student and instill a love for learning. She is a qualified ESL teacher and holds a Bachelor degree in English and Romanian Literature and Grammar from University Hyperion in Bucharest. Roxana comes to us from the International Baccalaureate (IB) world with experience teaching the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) at another international school in Romania.

In addition to her experience here, she taught at two international schools in Doha, Qatar between 2009 and 2017. She joins Verita with nearly 20 years of teaching experience.

Raluca Paul

Year 4A Teacher

Raluca has experience across many different areas, with several degrees ranging from rural development management, to Educational Sciences. Raluca has returned home to Romania after a number of years away in Ireland. She holds certificates in leadership, tourism, human resources, environmental awareness, social economy, and phonics instruction.

Raluca has experience working in instructional design, designing a one-year curriculum program for key stage 2, aiming to teach basic ecological concepts. Raluca is not new to Verita, she was with us as a special education teacher and teaching assistant from 2015-2017. We are so excited to have her back at the school.

Monika Harlace

Year 6 Teacher

Although Monika calls Australia home, her Polish heritage and love of European culture has brought her to Romania to pursue an international teaching career. After completing a Bachelor of Communication, then a degree in Psychology, she finished her studies in Education with a focus in learning support.

Monika is an advocate for inclusive education and has since worked in a variety of positions across primary, secondary and special education schools, as well as not-for-profit organisations and community development programs. During this time she also lived in London for two years to gain experience teaching the English National Curriculum. Before arriving in Bucharest, she travelled to India to volunteer in a school for young children with learning difficulties. Monika adopts a creative teaching approach that values the individual gifts and differences that each student brings to the classroom.

Emily Marriott

Year 5A Teacher

Emily was born and raised in Adelaide, Australia. She has lived and worked in education in many different countries until deciding to focus on primary education. After obtaining her Bachelors in English in Oman, as well as completing her Masters in Inclusive education at the University of Edinburgh, she hopes to incorporate elements of inclusion for all students in a creative and kind environment. Emily focuses on inquiry-based learning as well as interdisciplinary teaching methods and is keen to utilise new technologies as soon as possible.

Miss Louise

Year 4B Teacher

Dia dhuit! Hailing from the small but mighty island of Ireland, Louise first began her teaching career at twenty years old. She taught EAL in summer camps and academies across Cataluña and the Basque Country. She continued her international teaching career after graduating with a BALCSM from University College Cork.

Louise has worked in international schools in Dubai and Spain before joining the Verita team, and has taught from Reception to Year 4. Louise has a PGCEi from the University of Nottingham and has also qualified as a Mindful Educator through Mindful Schools USA. She is currently completing her MA in Education through the University of Nottingham, and is specialising in Mantle of the Expert, a drama inquiry approach to education. Louise is currently our Mantle of the Expert Coordinator and Year 4B class teacher. She believes in fostering a collaborative and a co-constructed approach to inquiry education that supports a thriving learning community.

Lorena Miller

Year 1A Teacher and EYFS Coordinator

Lorena was born in Romania but she spent part of her life abroad. Lorena has studied both in Romania as well as in the United Kingdom and Australia and she holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences.

Lorena started her teaching career as a high school ESL teacher but after 6 years, she discovered the inspiration of primary school children. After an amazing teaching experience in Europe, Lorena wanted to challenge herself and she moved to Brisbane, Australia, where she gained another post-university qualification, this time in Early Childhood Education.

She continued her teaching career and she loved merging European learning approaches with specific cultural methods in the Land of Oz. Lorena is also passionate about Mindfulness and she holds a qualification in Mindful Teaching from a well-known Mindful School in California, U.S.A. Yoga for Kids is another practice Lorena is fond of and she enjoys guiding her students on the amazing path of discovering themselves and the world around them.

Lorena balances inquiry based learning and project based work as well as academic skills with socio-emotional approaches to teaching.

Dominic Munden

Year 5B Teacher

Born and raised in the south-east of England, Dominic spent the first 8 years of his teaching career working in a diverse range of inner London primary schools. Whilst in London, Dominic taught students from Year 1 to Year 6 as well as successfully supporting schools improve in a variety of leadership roles.

An insatiable traveller, Dominic was soon enticed to leave the UK and work internationally. He spent the next 3 years of his career working as a middle school maths, science and English teacher in a small accredited international school in South Korea before moving to Romania to work at Verita International School.

Kathryn Munden

Year 3A Teacher

Kathryn originally comes from sunny South Africa. She studied English Literature, Classics and Politics at university before her love of literature led her to become a teacher. She has been teaching for 11 years, in South Africa, London, South Korea and now Bucharest, Romania. She has a passion for travelling and the outdoors.”

Teona Rusu

Music Teacher

Teona has experienced music from three different perspectives: performing, teaching and composing. Music University and Romanian-English Philology graduate, she studied classical piano for sixteen years and later pursued a songwriting career, in order to exploit the creativity she says could never be met through the study of classical repertoire.

She gradually shifted from concert halls to music studios, introduced technology in her creative process and collaborated with producers and artists from many different music genres – jazz, pop, electronic and traditional world music, to name a few. The stage was never absent in her journey. She is convinced it was the audience who helped her build the self confidence and experience she can now pass on to her students. Teaching has been a part of Teona’s life since university. Passionately sharing a part of each stage of her journey, her goal is to encourage creativity and artistic identity in young spirits, for she believes this would be her life’s work.

Olivian Saldinger

ICT Teacher

Originally from Suceava, in the northeastern part of Romania, Olivian (Oly, as he likes to be called) has discovered his passion for working with children soon after graduating from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance with a B.A. in Sociology.

The first five years of his career saw him work with children of all ages as a computer lab assistant and theatre manager at the American International School of Bucharest, honing his craft and developing his skills as an educator in an international school environment. Over the following years, he would travel, work as a sound engineer in various contexts (the entertainment industry, corporate events, broadcast TV), grow as an individual and ultimately return to his first love – helping youngsters make sense of the ever-growing, all-encompassing world of technology. He sees technology as more of a partner in education than a tool, and is continuously striving to find new and exciting approaches to teaching ICT.

Georgia Tabacariu

KS1 & 2 Romanian Language Teacher

Georgia Tabacariu loves children and has a great passion for teaching and helping them to succeed in managing their emotions, learning all that’s necessary for their inner development and growth. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in both English and Romanian languages, from North University of Baia Mare and another Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Science of Education from Hyperion University of Bucharest.

She has an experience of 5 years in teaching and working with children and teenagers. Georgia is a fine observer of human nature, a creative and empathic person. She joined Verita because she felt that they had a like-minded mission and vision for the children: to prepare them to function as thoughtful, emotionally and intellectually prepared individuals within society. She also likes to teach the children to interact in a harmonious way and to have the courage to express themselves using effective communication.

Valeria Turcu

English (ELL) Teacher

Valeria Turcu joined Verita International School last year in 2018. She graduated in foreign languages (English and Spanish) at Bucharest University in 2000 and then worked in different companies and fields of activity, as an assistant manager, HU referee, sworn interpreter (freelancer) for a long period of time and she  started teaching again in 2014.

She has kept on developing her educational background since graduation through different courses, seminars, trainings as she believes that education is the best weapon to change the world and to succeed in life.

Her passion remains teaching children. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius). She says  “It’s a very rewarding and comfortable feeling to see your students’ progress and development and to invent new games, stories, to relive your childhood together with them and to make them have fun and learn at the same time.” She has been a teacher since her  childhood when playing with my dolls and now that has become reality. She teaches from the heart, not from books…If a teacher loves teaching, this is going to make children love learning. The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential. These are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

Doina Lavric

Science Teacher

Doina graduated from the University of Bucharest, Romania with a conjoined bachelor’s degree in Biology and Education. She taught middle school and high school biology in Romania for 17 years and middle school science in the United States for 14 years. She is a certified teacher both in Romania, where she reached the highest teaching certification level, and in California, USA, the Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential in the field of biological sciences. She completed many education-related courses and attended numerous science-related conferences in the United States. She returned to Romania in 2017 and joined Verita’s team in 2018 as a secondary science teacher.

Evelina Catoi

Year 2A Teacher

Evelina has a Bachelor degree in English-German from the University of Bucharest and a Master’s degree in Management and Business Communication from SNSPA. She mostly worked in communication, PR, online management and content writing.

But after working as a volunteer within an NGO which offers psychosocial support for children and teenagers hospitalized in the paediatric oncology wards of various hospitals, she realized how much she enjoys working with children and that her childhood dream to become a teacher could still be possible. This experience made her understand that working with children is something that she wants to do on a regular basis.

Irina Safta

Reception A Teacher

Irina was born in Bucharest, Romania, but travelled the world due to her parents’ career as diplomats. This provided her a rich, diverse and multicultural education. She moved to Canada when she was in high-school; there she graduated from Glebe Collegiate Institute and later from Algonquin College from Ottawa.

Irina’s passion for children began from a very early age. Her first job right out of high school was as a part-time Kindergarten teacher in Ottawa, Canada. She then moved on to Teacher’s Assistant in Primary School in Ottawa, Canada.

Iulia Dinca

Year 3B Teacher

Julie (or Iulia) has always been connected, one way or the other, to teaching. Either during her childhood when her classmates would ask her to explain something they didn’t understand or during her teenage years when she started teaching English and Maths to young children or now, in her adulthood, when she discovered her true passion is working with kids.

Adina Costea

EC3 Teacher

With a Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Years, and graduated from Babes Bolyai University (Faculty of Letters-Romanian/Ethnology), she has more than 13 year experience as a teacher. Throughout the years, she has been highly appreciated by parents and loved by children and she managed to build a very strong and warm relationship to them.

Lila Vasilescu

Verita Foundation Director and SEL Teacher

Lila is the director of our Verita Foundation working with underprivileged children. She has over 6 year experience in charity work with children in Romania and over 11 years event management experience with children and adults. Lila is also a Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning Teacher with a SEL course certification from Rutgers University, USA. She is a certified trainer and has a Mindfulness Teaching certification from Mindful Schools in the USA.

Andreea Alexandrescu

Learning and Support Director & Social Emotional Learning Teacher

Andreea holds an Advanced Diploma in Special Education from the College of Allied Educators in Singapore and has a bachelor degree in Special Education from Bucharest University, with a certification in Communication and HR Management. She is also certified in DIR/Floortime: DIR 203 – Coaching Caregivers, Teachers, or Other Care Providers (with ICDL – Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning). Andreea is passionate about Floortime, Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness, holding certifications from Rutgers University (Foundations of Social-Emotional and Character Development) and Mindful Schools (Mindful Educator Essentials).

Marius Luca

Social Emotional Learning Teacher

For more than 10 years now he’s travelled far and wide in pursuit of climbing and human experiences through which he could get a glimpse of purpose and make meaning in life.

The quest outside turned to be a quest inside. He started the inner journey through individual psychotherapy. He then joined a personal development group using the method of psychodrama to find balance and make sense of past experiences.

Marius also explored various aspects of the mind by taking Consciousness Quotient Institute’s course on human consciousness and development.

He follows an ongoing 3 year Psychodrama group training to throw more light on the workings of the human psyche, to understand and work with group therapy methods and to use the insights in supporting human well-being endeavours.

Marius is presently engaged in Verita’s mission to promote quality integral – mind and heart – education in a kind and caring school environment.

He is part of the Social-Emotional Learning team, using Mindfulness as one of the main tools to support students’ self-regulation and well-being.

Georgeta Gherghinoiu

Art Teacher

Georgeta graduated from the National University of Visual Arts in Bucharest, holding both a B.A. and a M.A. in Graphic Arts. She also trained in becoming an art teacher. During school years, she came across two wonderful art teachers that inspired her not just in the artistic field, but also in wanting to guide others understand art. She coordinated various workshops in Romania and the USA.

Diana Mihalache

Year 5 – Year 10 Romanian Language Teacher, Languages Department Coordinator

Diana has more than 15 years of experience in teaching Romanian, English and French in public and international schools. She started teaching at 19 years old, as soon as she graduated from Pedagogical Highschool. She has a vivid interest in using the most efficient teaching techniques and class management strategies, as well as learning about different education systems, curriculum and instruction programs, or teaching and learning philosophies.

After the Pedagogical Highschool, she graduated from Philology – University of Bucharest, Romanian – French department and she has a master degree in Linguistics and Communication. Previously she had a Literacy coordination position in an international primary school and she taught a wide range of ages. Besides teaching, Diana loves reading, cats, mountain trips, gadgets and new technologies.

Andreea Constandache

French Language Teacher

Passionate about French since she was 7 years old, Andreea studied the language during high school and then during university. After graduating from the University of Brussels with a master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations, Andreea came back to Romania and started to work in a French corporation. She discovered her passion for teaching when she became a certified trainer and started training large groups of adults on various subjects.

About three years ago, Andreea began teaching French in big corporations and in international schools. At about the same time, she also discovered the improv theatre and she started taking classes and workshops in Romania and also abroad. Today, she performs almost weekly with her group in a nice and cozy theatre in Bucharest.

Teaching in an international school is a dream come true, because Andreea loves children and French and Verita offers the perfect environment to invest in new creative language teaching approaches based on playfulness.

Anca Dima

Year 4B Teacher Assistant

Anca graduated from the University of Bucharest with a bachelor degree in Advertising. She is currently a member of the MATKA NGO, which deals with restoring a community centre for children in Berceni. The project she works on with them is to develop a children’s magazine. She also holds workshops where she shows kids how to make their own fanzines and books.

Robert Radu

Year 2A Co-teacher

Robert loves working with people and helping them. He started as an engineer but soon realized that is better to work with people than with machines. He started studying towards his second bachelor’s degree, this time in Special Education, within the University of Bucharest. Robert is also a certified Combined Arts practitioner and has attended various other courses in Psychology.

Alin Nitu

Year 5A Teacher Assistant

Full of joy and with a thoughtful disposition, Alin comes from a town at the foot of the Carpathian Garden. Alin worked for a Publishing House for a few years and there he discovered his love for children. Organizing various workshops with students, teachers and parents around Romania, represented Alin’s first stepping stone that supported him develop long lasting relationships and partnerships with all these individuals.

Alin decided to challenge himself and he decided to focus on a Customer Service career. He followed this path for more than 5 years and he developed his understanding about human relationships and communication.

Irina Cazacu

Year 1B Teacher

Irina graduated in Finance from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. After more than 13 years working in mobile telecommunication industry, in 2012, Irina moved to Saudi Arabia where she worked as a Teaching Assistant at the British International School of Al Khobar where she realised her passion for working with young children. In the summer of 2017, she and her family were relocated to Romania and joined Verita school.

She qualified as an Early Years Educator as part of her professional development during her early years here at Verita. She enjoys traveling and discovering new tastes and flavours from different countries.

Roxana Din

Reception B Teacher

Roxana graduated from the University of Bucharest with a BA in Foreign Languages (English – Italian) and an MA in English Linguistics part of which she has done at the Ca’Foscari University in Venice, Italy. During college she worked as a volunteer teacher at various NGO’s and as an Educational Therapist at a centre which offered educational and psychological assistance to children with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia or Specific Language Impairment.

Her desire to get involved in education and especially in emotionally based learning stems both from her own experience as a student/learner and from her observations of the methods children use in order to acquire certain information. She strongly believes that children need an environment which would allow them to express their needs and feelings, to know themselves in order to be able to absorb information from the outside. They only need guidance and a lot of understanding.

Sabina Onet

Y2B Teaching Assistant

Sabina graduated Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA, Bucharest), worked in advertising for a while and is now a Nursery Teacher Assistant in our school. She has several communication trainings as well as the First Level Psycho – Pedagogical certification. Sabina believes that meditation and children are a soul nurturing combination.

Jeni Susanu

Year 2C Teacher Assistant

Jeni is always open to discover something new and exciting in every encounter of her everyday life and has a natural gift for teaching children and creating a special bond with children of different ages. This passion led her to begin a career in teaching. Jeni discovered this through the Teach for Romania Program.

She holds a BA in primary education from Dunărea de Jos University of Galați, Romania, and has a wealth of experience and development from the Teach from Roamian personal and professional development programme. She is an avid volunteer and has years of experience teaching in rural schools in Romania.

Claudia Basalau

EC3 Teacher Assistant

Claudia is currently attending a Master course in Speech Therapy within the University of Bucharest. She already has a Bachelor Degree in Special Education from the same University and has attended various other courses in Psychology. During University, she volunteered to assist children within “We conquer autism Association”, where she had the chance to learn more about play therapy.

After graduating, she started working as a kindergarten psychologist, performing various evaluations, liaising with parents, and designing personal development programs for children.

She continued her volunteering activities within another association where she was involved in designing and applying supporting programs on cognitive and personal development of institutionalized children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Mihaela Andrei

Year 3B Teacher Assistant

Born and raised in Bucharest, Mihaela followed the path of education after her son was born. Even though before that in more than eight years was around families being a travel agent consultant in a Leisure Department. Due to her kindness approach and openness she was always surrounded by children.

She has a First Level Psycho-Pedagogical certification, a specialized education qualification in supporting underprivileged children and she has also successfully completed a Teacher Assistant certification in the United kingdom.  Her Master and Bachelor Degree in Management gave her the skills to work with groups, facilitate communication and support those in need.

She is currently working as a teacher assistant for year threes.

She enjoys taking photos, travelling with her family, doing yoga and participating to different volunteering programmes that Verita offers.

Marina Balabas

Reception B Teacher Assistant

Marina Balabas graduated Musical Interpretation from the Bucharest University of Music, having completed the teaching degree and with a ten year experience in teaching both violin and piano, as well as group music lessons . Between her collaborations with professional orchestras and playing in various chamber music groups and alternative formulas, she has always kept her focus on exploring accurate ways of explaining the learning process to both children and adults.

Ciprian Bulmaga

Year 5&6 Teacher Assistant

Cip was born in Curtea de Arges, Romania and has been living in Bucharest for more than two decades. He graduated from the University of Bucharest with a BA in Communication and Public Relations and drove inspiration from working with children. He has been a substitute teacher and held various assistant administrative roles in a school environment. Cip is happy and passionate to help people around with troubling less over the use of technology, a huge math and science fan, a lover of fiction, and also a very proud father of three wonderful kids.

Laura Ivanov

EC2 Teacher

Laura has a Bachelor Degree in English and History and also holds a Certificate for Teaching Profession, from the Teacher Training Department and a TKT Young Learners Certification. She discovered her passion for teaching young children as a student and she worked as a Secondary and High School teacher in a state school for 3 years and has 5 years’ experience in working with young children both in state and private kindergartens. She believes in teaching with kindness, patience and joy.

Valentin Usturoi

Teaching assistant

Vali is the eldest of 4 children. He loves working  with children and taking care of their needs. He is undertaking a pedagogical module in his university studies at the academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Seven years ago he lost his younger brother to cancer.

He was undergoing treatment at  Fundeni hospital and that is how he met Richard and Lila who were volunteering to play with the children in the oncology section. A beautiful friendship started and their common love for children brought him working together now in school. He is passionate about football, cooking and music and he wishes to be a good model for his siblings and the children he works with in school.

George Ciprian Dragan

Year 3 – Year 10 PE Teacher

Ciprian is a graduate of Spiru Haret University with a degree in physical education and management in sport. He spent 8 years teaching physical education in the public sector before joining us here at Verita. In that time Ciprian was responsible for teaching PE, establishing partnerships with local authorities, and organizing competitions at school, sector and municipal levels. Ciprian leads physical wellness and education to students at Verita from Reception all the way though to year 9.

Oana Nedelcu

Year 4A Teacher Assistant

Oana graduated from The University of Bucharest, where she studied Psychology. She’s licensed in Psychotherapy, also studied Drama, Photography, and poetry is her second language! Working with kids can wonderfully combine these all together, for a better understanding of a creative mind that is in the process of decoding the world around us.

She first began her teaching career at 24 years old- with acting classes, then being an english teacher in a Montessori kindergarten and before being part of the Verita team, she worked for another international school in Bucharest.

Oana also collaborates with BBC Europe, if they need an extra person on the team, when they do a special broadcasting from Romania.

She loves sports, jazz, philosophy and always encourages kids to accept a challenge, if it’s a healthy one and it benefits learning.

Andrada Dirdala

Year 1C Teacher Assistant

Andrada graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance at the University of Bucharest. She also holds a Masters Degree in Social Deviation and Criminology. Before joining us at Verita, she worked with women and children in different social contexts. Her experience working with children from a variety of backgrounds has helped her develop excellent social and emotional understanding, and skills to help children manage their emotions in order to be successful in school and in life.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, photography, poetry and travel.

Andreea Neagu

Counselling & Special Educational Needs Collaborator

Andreea Neagu is the former School Counsellor from Verita, but remained as a collaborator for our Counselling and Special Educational Needs Department. Currently she works in her private practice as a clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist and play and drama-therapist. She has extensive expertise in child, adolescent, adult and family clinical evaluation and psychotherapy interventions.

She is also a psychotherapy trainer and supervisor at the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Bucharest. She  holds a Masters Degree in Evaluation, Counselling and Therapy of Children, Families and Couples but also has numerous post-graduate trainings in Integrative Psychotherapy of Adults, with a specialization of Integrative Psychotherapy for children and young people (graduated in a Romanian-British Training School), Systemic Family Therapy, Play Therapy and Drama-therapy (one training graduated in a Romanian-British PlayTherapy school and one training graduated in Canada) and other numerous short-therm trainings in parenting and child, adolescents and family mental health.
Because she is passionate about Social Emotional Learning and Mindfulness, she holds a Certificate in SEL and Character Development, at Rutgers University in USA and different trainings in Mindfulness in Education.

Iulia Bardar

SEN Coordinator

Passionate about people, Iulia has studied psychology since she was little, in books, movies or real life. Later, she graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Bucharest and she has a Master’s Degree in Evaluation, Counseling and Therapy of Child, Couple and Family.

Iulia continued her studies in different psychological approaches such as Solution Focused Therapies and also Integrative Psychotherapy of Trauma, offering her services to children, teenagers, parents or adults. Having a large background in the studies of trauma, she also works as a Psychotherapist for children from private care institution.

She is working with children from special needs area for more than eight years and she loves helping them integrate in schools and grow up into happy teenagers. She likes working together with the families, offering the parents the possibility to understand their children needs and behaviors.

Her main responsibility in Verita School is to work in multidisciplinary teams with the School Counselor and Teachers to identify children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), to develop individualized educational programs for them and to adapt curricula on their needs and abilities.

Cristina Neagu

Year 1B Teacher Assistant

Cristina joins Verita with a wealth of experience working with Children. Cristina’s love of working in schools began while she was living in Japan. Cristina worked with children for ten years in Japan while developing her craft as an educator. She returned to Romania in 2011, and began working at the Cambridge School of Bucharest as a teaching assistant. During her time at Cambridge, she was also a primary school supervisor for five years. Cristina was teaching kindergarten before making her move to join us at Verita.

Ilinca Vlaicu

School Counsellor

linca has graduated from the University of Bucharest with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and shortly after, she obtained degrees in counselling and psychotherapy from the Romanian Institute of Experiential Psychotherapy. She started working as a shadow during her years in college and after getting her license, she began working as a family counsellor in different associations, volunteering in children’s hospitals and teaching medical psychology at a community college.

Ilinca came to Verita because she wanted to focus on child development and also wanted to be part of a multicultural environment, having been brought up abroad, in Czech Republic and Sweden. She believes a healthy individual is the result of balance between one’s own biology and the environment they are in – it is in this school environment she takes the responsibility to take care of children’s mental health in any way she can. Her role here at Verita is to provide a comfortable, secure and resourceful space for both children and parents when it comes to school difficulties.
She is passionate about science and remains active in the academic community through various methods – she has published 5 scientific papers, is the co-author of a psychodynamic psychiatry book, and she has also spoken about occupational therapy at the National Congress of Psychiatry.
Currently, Ilinca divides her enthusiasm between Verita, her private practice where she offers psychotherapy and psychological evaluations, and her own association dealing with learning difficulties in children and teenagers.
She spends as much time as possible driving, getting exercise, traveling to exotic places where she can scuba-dive, and being out in the mountains with her friends, family and pets. She is a hopeless coffee enthusiast, a big fan of horror movies and bad TV shows.

Ana-Cristina Babita

Support Teacher for Reception

Ana-Cristina started working with children when she began her studies at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology. She holds a masters degree in Psychotraumatology And Social Assistance. Ana has been working with people in need, in her own practice and through the development of community workshops. She has worked with children between 3-17 years old, and has experience with clinical evaluations, interventions in cognitive behaviour programs  and coordinating therapy sessions. Ana is passionate and has experience in Emotional Learning.

She is a dedicated and motivated person, ready for new experiences in psychology. She enthusiastically brings value to Verita’s principles, and believes that joining Verita is her best professional decision.

Fedora Torok

EC2 Teacher Assistant

Fedora  graduated from the Romanian American University, International Tourism Economy faculty. She is an optimistic person and loves working with people. During her childhood she practiced gymnastics for 8 years.

Her first connection with teaching children was when she was 15 years old, when she had the opportunity to teach other children gymnastics. She worked in sales and in the administration field for a while. However when she had her two boys she discovered her passion for working with kids.

She believes that teaching children is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs in the world. It’s a great pleasure seeing them learn, evolve and become the brave, caring and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Irinel Constantin Manole

Year 3A Teacher Assistant

Teaching young special need minds is a task that cannot be taken lightly. It is full of challenges, frustrations, and responsibilities. However, it is a task that is also full of excitement, wonder, and joy. Irinel strongly believes that all children are capable of learning, if they have the proper motivation and direction from their teachers. His philosophy of education is that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Irinel is certified by Oxford, Cambridge & Royal Society of Arts, United Kingdom in Information and Communication Technologies, English, Mathematics, Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults. In the UK Irinel worked for 12 years under the British Curriculum with students from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with different backgrounds, including those with learning disabilities, such as Autism, Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Emotional Behavioural Difficulties, Mild Learning Difficulty, Down’s Syndrome and Global Delay, preparing activities, lessons and helping the teacher to implement them.

Business Office

Luiza Joita

School Operations Director

Luiza graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, specialized in Tourism & Services and she worked for 15 years in marketing and events management. Her professional journey helped her develop abilities to plan, organize and manage complex projects. The interest for education started when her  two daughters reached the age for schooling and because she truly believes in Verita School’s vision, she embraced a career change and accepted the challenge to join the Verita team. She loves to travel and spend time outdoors, as well as listening to music and reading a good book.

Olivia Musat

Admissions and Parents’ Relationship Coordinator

Olivia graduated from the University of International Relations and has a masters degree in European Policies. Throughout the years she has worked for many important companies in the Sales and Marketing field as well as in Customer Care.

Her other main achievement so far is her two daughters that she is very proud of.

She loves kids and spending time with them as she is a very warm, friendly person, so whenever you will need any information, don’t hesitate to ask Olivia, who will be more than welcome to help and support you.

Her hobbies include travelling, skiing, music, interior design and cooking.

Cornelia Cacu

Head of Finance

Cornelia graduated Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Being passionate about numbers she joined, while she was still a student, an accounting company where she developed her accounting skills for several yeas, growing from Junior to Senior Accountant. She moved forward by working as a Financial Manager for a Romanian Publishing House, blending in her passion for numbers with the passion for words, reading and writing.

Because she believes that people are multitalented and multidisciplinary and when there is an appropriate environment they can develop their inner beauty and skills, she joined Verita with the confidence that it provides the kind of space that allows children and grown ups as well, to meet the most authentic and harmonious version of themselves.

Alexandra Ivan

Junior Accountant & Purchase Manager

Alexandra graduated from Law University in Bucharest. After graduation, she worked as a freelancer with IT in Germany. She later became  a credit officer working on acquisitions. This became her passion, and her path to Verita. She applies her knowledge acquisition skills to her 9 year old daughter Anya, by making quality acquisitions for learning, studying and having fun. She knows that kids develop beautifully in a school like Verita, with the proper environment and learning support.

Livia Virtopeanu

Admin and Parents Relationship Officer

Livia has an extensive admin background she has been a coordinator of foreign language courses, a project assistant for the Ovidiu Sincai Social Democratic Institute and Titulescu European Foundation and the administrative secretary at HR Creative Energy. Livia holds a masters degree from the National University of Political Science and Public Administration in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Her experience providing administrative and organizational services make her an excellent asset to the Verita team.

Diana Boaca

Admin & Marketing Officer

Diana is a graphic designer with a great passion for art and working with diverse people. She has a history of working in the nonprofit industry, creating social educational projects. She is passionate about marketing and design. Diana has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration that she studied in English. She brings colour life, and energy to our Verita team. She has experience as a brand director, and as a social media projects director and manager.

Viorel Cervis

Site Supervisor

Viorel is a longer serving member of the Verita family as he has been working with our Foundation for the last 3 years. During this time he was also supporting our Verita Organic brand handling both the customers and suppliers.

Administrative staff

Ionela Obreja

School Nurse

One of Ionela’s passions is to help people in need. That was the reason that made her study Sanitary School and become a nurse. Since she had her daughter, Ionela wanted to focus more on children and she joined Verita’s team. She just loves to see children with a big smile on their face every day.

Marian Ivan


Marian has 15 years’ experience as a Chef and he has worked at some of the finest hotels in Bucharest, including the Sofitel and Grand Hotel Continental. He has collaborated with several nutrition specialists in his previous experience and is well familiar with the nutritional requirements for both adults and children. He will cook for children the necessary dishes according to their ages and their nutritional needs and will make them better – better quality, better tasting, better for them. He also enjoys listening to music, practicing sports and making children laugh.

Gheorghe Mocanu


Gheorghe, or ‘’ domnul Gicu” as we call him, worked for 12 years in Eurohotels and is passionate about international cuisine, handball and soccer. Father of a 23 year old boy who he cooks for at home with the same dedication as he does in school for our children and staff. He enjoys working in an environment where people are supportive, communicate openly and collaborate to find the best solutions.

Cristian Ionescu


Cristian is our Chef Assistant, passionate about Romanian cuisine and helping our team with preparing the necessary ingredients for our healthy meals, maintaining cafeteria organised and serve the meals. A father of two himself is enjoying being around children and is looking forward to pursue his Chef accreditation.

Ana Barbu

Pastry Chef

Ana has 15 years of experience as a Chef. She worked in other schools and kindergartens in Bucharest, cooking and creating menus. She loves working around children and they feel lovely when they are with her. Now at Verita, Ana is responsible for the snacks and deserts. She helps the other chefs in delivering organic and delicious food.

Ana Gaspar

Pastry Chef

Before achieving 18 years of experience in the kitchen, Ana worked in a clothing and knitwear factory. She preferred restaurants where she prepared salads and desserts. Verita is the first school where she can give her input as a Chef and she finds cooking for the little ones is very interesting.

Gabriela Baches

Cleaning staff

Gabriela, or ”Mama Gabi”, how some of the children and staff members call her, has been with Verita since the very first day. She has dedicated her time and energy to take care of each and everyone and make sure the environment is clean and safe. She is passionate about her job and the children.

Magdalena Cosma

Cleaning Staff

Before joining Verita, Mady worked in a joinery factory. She believes that work enables people. This belief makes her happy to be part of the Verita team cleaning department who work hard to enable us all. She has no children of her own, but loves them and hopes that one day she will have some. She loves to make sweets and cakes and she is very good at it.

Dumitru Tudorache


Dumitru, also known as ”Nea Mitica”, is the face that meets you everyday in the morning and wishes you a good day in the afternoon at Verita. He makes sure that everything in the school works well or is being fixed and he also makes sure that no child leaves unattended.

Lucian Tanasa


Lucian is our guardian and driver, being trained as a gendarme. He enjoys serving and supporting, being a proactive and well organised person who enjoys being around children and fulfilling rigorously the tasks that he is offered.

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