We use the National Curriculum of England and Wales as our core subjects of English/English as an Additional Language, Mathematics and Science in our Primary division. The English curriculum is the foundation for other subjects such as Geography, History, Music, Art, Design, Technology, Physical Education, Information and Communication Technology, German, Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship which are all tailor made for adaptions to reflect out international nature and location in Bucharest.

Subject content, planning and resource guides, guidance for curriculum implementation and development, plus support for classroom teaching and student learning are provided for by the integrated vision of The National Curriculum of England. This program has been developed after monitoring thousands of students; it enables transparent, factual information about the performance of students in our school.

This National Curriculum is a result of numerous years of studies, conceptual design and experience of thousands of pupils and students. It provides for a streamlined curricular design, leading to further educational opportunities in the programmes designed by the National Curriculum and university studies, offering international level content and recognition.

Primary Tests and Evaluation tests are given; one at the end of the school year and the other at the end of the primary program (end of year six.) This testing is used internationally and is graded at school using the National Curriculum of England and Wales grading and guidance schemes. The tests are optional and the results are just for school use.

Most important, academics are one only one part of our school; our focus is always on the needs and happiness of each individual child. We firmly believe that school days should be the happiest days of everyone’s life and we work hard to make sure that this is true for all our students. This means educating according to their abilities, background and potential. Differentiation is a key concept in each class so that each student can set their sights high but within achievable expectations relative to their own potential. The challenge to the child is to do their best and with this comes a respect for every other child whether classmate or not, as an individual just as unique and entitled as oneself. All our children are respected and expected to show respect, courtesy and understanding to all around. In this way, we engender mutual respect and a supportive, harmonious environment throughout the school.

Verita does not educate to test, but approaches children’s development holistically, building their confidence, developing skills, enabling them to be autonomous. Our respect for each individual’s personality, unique abilities and traits provides a programme highly customized for each child.