Verita Foundation

The children are the heart of this world, they carry the message of truth, of love and hope and they bring fresh life to any society.
We are trying to make a change in the lives of under-privileged children in Romania and to contribute to sustaining their long term education and development.
We have faith in their potential and their under-explored motivation to grow up harmoniously in order to be able to contribute to building a better world for all children.
Any child is your child and we have decided that instead of judging a society full of demotivated young people that lack any perspective in life,, it is better to try and offer them an alternative, the necessary tools to build their own future and most important, the attention and love that nourish and encourage them throughout their lives in everything they do.
We wish to implement programs with a long – term impact where you can get involved with the resources you own, regardless of their nature and help us reach as many children as possible and inspire as many people as possible.
Efficiency, transparency and love are our tools.
Let’s build together a future for our children!
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