At Verita School the last day of every month is set aside for giving back to the community. Activities may include special charity projects, field trips or community service projects. Some examples of typical activities are visiting orphanages or old people rest homes, cleaning nature, volunteering for community work. We believe that helping others is the best way for children to build strong morals and cultivate an open and wise heart.

In today’s modern world, we seldom give our children the opportunity to contribute their ideas and talents. Volunteering is an ideal way for our younger citizens to be constructive, active members of a community. As volunteers, children can demonstrate their independent abilities and can handle age-appropriate work according to their actual skill level, rather than be restricted by their age.

Everyone benefits from children serving as volunteers. There are several advantageous factors that children can receive and contribute to Verita Foundation and to Romanian society by serving as volunteers. Volunteer projects have the potential of dramatically making a difference in the lives of our young students. The importance of children as volunteers include the following; promotes healthy lifestyle and choices, enhances development, teaches life skills, improves the community, and encourages a lifelong service ethic.

Volunteering also nourishes caring values as children relate to and empathize with others, and individuals who care about others are less likely to be involved in negative behaviors. Psychological development is enhanced by increasing self-esteem, responsibility, and interest in learning. Furthermore, children who volunteer develop positive self-confidence .

Volunteering can nurture important life skills and values in children. Children participating in volunteer activities are rewarded with new skills and perspectives. Volunteer opportunities stimulate skills necessary for a productive adulthood. Skills, which many children may not see modeled in their daily lives, may include: responsibility for task completion, punctuality, reliability, good grooming, and getting along with others. Volunteering is the perfect way for children to be welcomed as productive, active members of a community. Through volunteering, children can become a valuable contributor to their constantly changing society.