Accredited Foreign and Romanian teachers encourage effort and monitor progress, but do not pressure their students to perform according to any preset standards. Introductions of new lessons are tailored to the individual needs and interests of each child.
Verita’s British or American teachers are required to have an Academic Degree (s) in Education with a valid British or American Teaching Certificate/License with at least 2 years of full-time classroom teaching experience at the Elementary/Primary level, in the UK/US school systems;
Verita’s Romanian Verita Teachers are required to have an Academic Degree (s) in Education with at least 2 year of full-time classroom teaching experience at the Elementary/primary level, preferably in the UK/US school systems.
Verita Staff & Teachers are strongly encouraged and supported to continuously cultivate their professional development and demonstrate their growing expertise through a practice-based assignment. The qualifications are designed to enable teachers to apply their professional learning in their day-to-day teaching, and lead to qualitative improvements for the individual teacher.
Brian Roach
(School Director)
Originally from Vancouver in Canada, Brian’s life journey has taken him to Zimbabwe where he worked as a volunteer teacher and then on to teaching, counselling and administrative roles in eight schools in four countries around the globe. Prior to joining Verita, Brian was the Director of the International School of Kigali-Rwanda.  Bucharest, however, is the one place in the world where he owns a house and, when he speaks of going home, he means coming back home to Romania. Read more […]
Richard Joannides
(Founder & Head of Social Emotional Learning Team)
Graduated from Loyola Marymount University – Los Angeles, California with a degree in Early Childhood Education Master Degree from Oxford University in History.
Richard has traveled and studied around the world: Los Angeles – Loyola University Rome – Marymount University Bonn, Germany – University of Bonn Oxford, England – Oxford University – Queens College. Read more […]
Gabriela Simionescu
(Co-Founder & Year 1B Teacher)
Graduated from Bucharest University with a MA degree in languages – Romanian, Latin, English, French, Italian (1980). Graduated from Music School in Brasov – piano (1973).
Worked as teacher for several years in a public Romanian school. Under the Romanian public school system she felt the students were restricted and denied from developing their full potential. She tried in many small ways to change the public system but realized that the only way to make a difference was to leave the public educational system. Read more […]
Christina Mihai
(Year 7 Teacher)
Christina is an American – Romanian lady who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lee University, USA. Although English is her first language, she is fluent in Romanian as well. Ever since high school she has been involved in teaching children or teenagers, from church groups to assistant teaching at university, to becoming an ESL teacher. Read more […]
Bill Gehl
(Year 6 Teacher)
Bill was born in the USA where he also studied. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Wabash College with a major in Mathematics. He then continued his studies with a Master of Arts in Teaching in Vanderbilt University USA. He started his teaching career as a Math teacher in Darlington School in Georgia, USA. In his time here he had an interest also in music and arts and he pursued it by acting as a Musical Director for the annual Spring Musical. Read more […]
Narcis Iniesta
(Year 4-5 Teacher)
Narcis Iniesta hails from Spain and holds a Bachelor’s degree in primary education from Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. He achieved his Qualified Teaching Status in London, UK where he taught for five years, following the English National Curriculum. Read more […]
Louise Ryan
(Year 3 Teacher)
Louise was born and raised on the lovely little island of Ireland. She comes from a big family in the Irish country side. She spent most of her time playing with her brothers, sisters, cousins and family pets. She has always been an avid reader and serious history lover, which in turn led her to a degree in History and Spanish in University College Cork. Read more […]
Lorena Miller
(Year 2B Teacher)
Lorena attended a Master program in Glasgow, Scotland, but life took her on more distant paths to Australia where she decided to continue her teaching career. She graduated a Master program in Early Childhood Education and Care Services in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and acted as an Early Years Educator in Sesame Lane Kindergarten, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Her career also includes being a teacher in Carmichael Kids, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Read more […]
Christiana Kalantzi
(Year 2A  Co-Teacher)
Christiana’s life dream has been to become a primary education teacher and after hard work she has managed to fulfill it. She has participated in different programs such as Erasmus program and two other volunteering programs. The environment there gave Christiana more perspectives on teaching and broadened her mind about the teaching methods. Read more […]
Irina Safta
(Year 2A Co-Teacher)
Irina graduated from Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON, Canada. She also attended and graduated from Glebe Collegiate Institute, Ottawa, ON, Canada.
Irina’s parents were diplomats travelling the world throughout her childhood and this provided her a rich, diverse and multi-cultural education.
Irina’s passion for children began from a very early age. Her first job right out of University was as a Part-time Kindergarten Teacher in Ottawa, Canada. Read more […]
 Evelina Catoi
(Year 1A Teacher)
  Anca Dima
(Year 1B Teacher Assistant)
   Rimi Raghfan
(Year 1B Teacher Assistant)
    Damian McHugh
(Reception A Co-Teacher )
Damian was born and raised in Great Britain. After graduating, he started working for the UK Government, a job that has eventually brought him to Romania, where he started a family. His lifetime dream was to be able to work with children and he eventually decided to pursue it by completely changing his career and becoming a Teacher Assistant. Read more […]
Iulia Dinca
(Reception A Co-Teacher )
Iulia graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest. She is also a law graduate from Christian University Dimitrie Cantemir, Bucharest. During her philological studies she has also been certified as a foreign languages teacher. In 2013 she had the opportunity to study in Alicante as she was the beneficiary of an Erasmus scholarship. Read more […]
Alexandra Badelita
(Reception B Teacher)
Alexandra has a Bachelor degree in English-French and a Master degree in Applied English Linguistics from the Bucharest University.
Alexandra started her career in a public Romanian school, but because she considered she could not make a change there she decided to work in a private school. She holds a certificate as a Sworn Translator for English and French issued by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and she passed the IELTS exam and obtained a C1r/C2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Read more […]
Adina Costea
(Nursery Teacher)
With a specialization in Early Childhood and Primary Years, Adina has more than 10 years’s experience as a Nursery Teacher. Throughout the years, she has been highly appreciated by parents and loved by children and she managed to build a very strong and warm relationship to them. Read more […]
Lila Vasilescu
(Verita Foundation Director SEL Teacher)
Lila is the director of the Verita Foundation and has over 6 years’ experience in charity work with children in Romania and over 11 years event management experience with children and adults.
She is a certified trainer and has a Mindfulness certification from Mindful Schools in the USA.
She believes in the power of kindness and empathy and trusts that our children can teach and inspire us if we just listen. Read more […]
Andreea Alexandrescu
(Learning and Support Director & Social Emotional Learning Teacher)
Andreea is a graduate in Special Education from the Bucharest University, with a Master degree in Communication and HR management. Although she initially started her career as a Recruitment Specialist within a multinational company, life has taken her to Japan where she started working as a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant.
In 2010 she started her courses in Floortime and has worked as a trainee in a Therapy Center in Singapore, as well as a Research Assistant in a sound therapy center.Read more […]
Andreea Neagu
(School Counselor)
Andreea graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Bucharest. She has attended many trainings focused on the Psychotherapy and Counseling of children and adolescents, families and adults, including a Master’s Degree at the Bucharest University in Evaluation, Counselling and Therapy of Child, Couple and Family and two continuous formation trainings in Integrative Psychotherapy for adults and children.
During the years of faculty she started working with children with special needs (especially Autism Spectrum Disorders and other associated disabilities).
Read more […]
Marius Luca
(Social Emotional Learning Teacher)
Georgeta Gherghinoiu
(Art Teacher)
Laura Borodan
(Music Teacher)
Laura has a Master degree in Music – Hall Arts, as well as a Bachelor degree in Theatre. Before that she attended the classes of the Dinu Lipatti National Arts College where she majored in piano.
Throughout the years she has tried to combine the music and the theatre and became both a piano teacher at Mozzartino Music School and an actor in the Masca Theatre.
Read more […]
Iulia Oprea
(ICT Teacher)
Cristina Staicu
(Romanian Language Teacher)
Madalina Niculaita
(Physical Education Teacher)
Olivia Musat
(Calderon Campus Manager & Registrar)
Olivia has graduated the University of International Relations and has a master degree in European Policies. Throughout the years she has been working in a few important companies in the Sales and Marketing field as well as Customer Care. Her main achievement so far, are her two daughters that she is very proud of.
Read more […]
Andreea Vasiliu
(Communication and Development Manager)
Teona Cristu
(Financial Manager)
Florina Voinea
(Financial & Administrative Coordinator)
I graduated The Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest and I have been working with the numbers and accounting for more than 7 years. Being at Verita School makes me combine my work with my passion in Mindfulness, Meditation and state of Zen and have a great time with the children.Read more […]

Lavinia Besselink
(Special Education Teacher Assistant)
Cerasela Bogzoiu
(Special Education Teacher Assistant)
Cerasela is also a student in the Master program on Speech Therapy within the University of Bucharest, after graduating the Special Education Faculty within the same University.
Her experience includes volunteering activities with children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders as well as chronic illnesses. Cerasela’s experience in working with children has started at a very young age as her mother was a Maternal Assistant. Read more […]
Sabina Onet
(Nursery Teacher Assistant)
Sabina joined the Verita International School of Bucharest in September 2014. She was born and raised in Galati but in 2009 she moved to Bucharest to work in Marketing and Communication. Since then she has developed her communications skills and has learnt to listen to both the verbal and non – verbal language. Read more […]
Roxana Din
(Teacher Assistant Reception B)
Radu Robert
(Special Education Teacher Assistant)
Robert loves working with people and helping them. He started as an engineer but soon realized that he enjoys more supporting people than machines. He started studying towards his second bachelor degree, this time in Special Education, within the University of Bucharest.
Robert is also a certified Combined Arts practitioner and has attended various other courses in Psychology. Read more […]
Alexandra Costache
(Year 1A Teacher Assistant)
Loredana Dumitrescu
(Year 2B Teacher Assistant)
Alin Nitu
(Special Education Teacher Assistant)
Claudia Basalau
(Special Education Teacher Assistant)
Claudia is currently attending a Master course in Speech Therapy within the University of Bucharest. She already has a Bachelor Degree in Special Education from the same University and has attended various other courses in Psychology. During University, she volunteered to assist children within “We conquer autism Association”, where she had the chance to learn more about play therapy.
After graduating, she started working as a kindergarten psychologist, performing various evaluations, liaising with parents, and designing personal development programs for children. Read more […]
Raluca Paul
(Year 3 Teacher Assistant)
Raluca started her professional life as a Master graduate in Quality and Innovation Management in the Agro – Food sector. However, the path she took slowly led her to a different area and after working for a while in an administrative position she set up a small boutique business and created a portfolio of hand-crafted products. She got involved in managing a NGO’s creative activities and moderating and coordinating occupational workshops – ASBD (Down Syndrome Association of Bucharest). Read more […]
Georgiana Ciobanu
(Year 4-5 Teacher Assistant)
Viorel Cervis
(Site Supervisor)
Viorel is an old member of the Verita family as he has been working with our Foundation for the last 3 years. During this time he was also supporting our Verita Organic brand handling both the customers and suppliers.
Constantin Anechiti
Constantin, also known to his friends and colleagues as Sorin, has become a certified chef more than 24 years ago. Ever since, his professional path took him in various and sometimes exotic places where he had the chance to explore and experiment with various means and combinations.
Read more […]
Marian Ivan
Marian has 15 years’ experience as a Chef and he has worked at some of the finest hotels in Bucharest, including the Sofitel and Grand Hotel Continental. He has collaborated with several nutrition specialists in his previous experience and is well familiar with the nutritional requirements for both adults and children. He will cook for children the necessary dishes according to their ages and their nutritional needs and will make them better – better quality, better tasting, better for them. He also enjoys listening to music, practicing sports and making children laugh.
Gheorghe Mocanu
Mariana Sabau
(Chef Assistant)
Gabriela Baches
(Cleaning staff)
Ionela Sandu
(Cleaning staff)
Dumitru Tudorache
Lucian Tanasa