Learning Support at Verita

Verita International School is an inclusive environment that admits students from various backgrounds with a wide variety of skills, strengths and aptitudes. We recognize that learning encompasses social and emotional development, alongside academics. As such, we are purposeful in offering the necessary tools to equip children for the challenges they will encounter as they grow and transition into adulthood. To this end, the mission of our Learning Support team is to provide services and support to students requiring additional assistance.

Students with learning challenges are admitted to Verita School when our Learning Support team is equipped to meet their needs given current demand.

Verita School follows the principles of DIR/Floortime. We chose the Developmental, Individual-differences, & Relationship-based model, as it fosters safe, enjoyable relationships as the context of learning. The DIR model guides teachers and therapists to tailor the way they approach and interact with each child, by taking into account their individual profile(s) and meeting them where they are, developmentally.

“Central to the DIR® Model is the role of the child’s natural emotions and interests which has been shown to be essential for learning interactions that enable the different parts of the mind and brain to work together and build successively higher levels of social, emotional, and intellectual capacities” (www.icdl.com).

We can integrate a limited number of students with additional needs per class, in order to maintain the highest standard of care.

Each applicant is considered on an individual basis and his/her family is advised as to what kind of support he/she may require (please refer to Support Levels A, B, or C below). The School reserves the right to deny applications where the child appears to have needs that cannot be met by our current program.

Overview of levels of support

The Learning Support team at Verita School coordinates programs and services for students with additional needs, based on the DIR/Floortime model. This developmental model offers a holistic child approach, taking into account their individual differences and fostering emotional connection through relationships.

Learning Support A (non pay)

Level A support is for students who are able to follow the regular curriculum, but require occasional adaptations and accommodations (such as visual schedules, peer support, in-class self-regulation support – through Mindfulness or Floortime techniques)

Learning Support B (additional fees)

Level B support is for students who are able to follow the curriculum, but have additional specific needs, that may require weekly or fortnightly services such as Floortime sessions, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Psychotherapy. These are in-house or outsourced services and the price per session (50 min) varies between 75 and 150 RON.

Learning Support C (additional fees)

Level C support is for students who require a full time assistant, in addition to other services/therapies (mentioned at Level B) in order to be able to access the curriculum and to function in the classroom. The additional cost of a special education teacher assistant, assigned to the child, is around 800 euro/month (3600-3800 RON).

Mention: Verita International School receives no benefit from additional payments made for Level B or Level C Support, as they only cover the exact cost of therapy sessions or salary (plus taxes) of a full-time special education teacher assistant.

General prices for therapy sessions:

Speech therapy 90 RON
Occupational therapy 90 RON
Physical therapy 90 RON
Psychotherapy 90 RON