(Key Stage 1 Teacher)

Benvolguts, Narcis was born and bred in the heart of the picturesque Catalan capital. His passion for travelling and learning foreign languages came from his dance background in his childhood in an international circuit. After he finished his Bachelor degree in Primary Teaching, specialising in English as a Foreign Language, he needed to challenge himself and explore the English culture and National British Curriculum in depth, where he achieved his British QTS. He moved to England, where he worked in his first English School for five years, teaching all levels from Reception to Year 5.

Following this great experience, he moved back to Spain to work at an International school. He is a very devoted teacher who strives to lead independent learners to discover and question all the multiple areas of learning.
Mantle of the Expert teaching approach and the art of the Inquiry Based Projects are tailor-made for his teaching style. These child-centred projects always become a powerful source of inspiration to create beautiful and authentic work. He has recently achieved his Mindfulness certificate from Mindfulness Schools USA.