(Key Stage 1 Teacher)

Lorena was born in Romania but she spent part of her life abroad. Lorena has studied both in Romania as well as in the United Kingdom and Australia and she holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences.
Lorena has started her teaching career as a high school ESL teacher but after 6 years, she discovered the inspiration of the primary school children. After an amazing teaching experience in Europe, Lorena wanted to challenge herself and she moved to Brisbane, Australia, where she gained another post-university qualification, this time in Early Childhood Education.  

She continued her teaching career and she loved merging European learning approaches with specific cultural methods in the Land of Oz. Lorena is also passionate about Mindfulness and she holds a qualification in Mindful Teaching from a well-known Mindful School in California, U.S.A. Yoga for Kids is another practice Lorena is fond of and she enjoys guiding her students on the amazing path of discovering themselves and the world around them.
Lorena is currently a Year two classroom teacher. She balances inquiry based learning and project based work as well as academic skills with socio-emotional approaches to teaching