(Kindness and Charity Whisperer)

Lila Vasilescu

Lila is the director of our Verita Foundation working with underprivileged children.
She has over 6 year experience in charity work with children in Romania and over 11 years event management experience with children and adults.
Lila is also a Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning Teacher with a SEL course certification from Rutgers University, USA.
She is a certified trainer and has a Mindfulness Teaching certification from Mindful Schools in the USA.

She believes in the power of kindness and empathy and trusts that our children can teach and inspire us if we just listen to them more often.
Passionate about writing, storytelling, chocolate ice cream and people’s laughter, Lila is also a blessed mother and believes in contributing to a kinder, more present and authentic world for her son and for all of us.