(EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage – Teacher)

hIrina was born in Bucharest, Romania, but travelled the world due to her parents’ career as diplomats. This provided her a rich, diverse and multicultural education. She moved to Canada when she was in high-school; there she graduated from Glebe Collegiate Institute  and later from Algonquin College from Ottawa. She is planning to continue her education, by attending a Psychology Faculty from Bucharest this fall.

Irina’s passion for children began from a very early age. Her first job right out of high school was as a part-time Kindergarten teacher in Ottawa, Canada. She then moved on to Teacher’s Assistant in Primary School in Ottawa, Canada.

Passion guides her in all her activities – she enthusiastically volunteered at “Run for the Cure” Breast Cancer Foundation from Ottawa and readily helped develop and build the first therapy garden in Romania. She describes herself as a very active person (she played handball for 8 years), she loves reading, hand crafting and travelling.

Irina joined Verita School in 2014, making the best decision of her life and she enjoys working in an environment close to her heart and passions – here she has the opportunity to deepen her knowledge about learning through play and exploration, and educating the whole child.