(Year 4-5 Teacher Assistant)

Georgiana knew from an early age that she has the inclination and interest to work with children so she enrolled, as a teenager, in a Pedagogical high-school. Graduating high-school she gained, at 18 years old, a double qualification: kindergarten and primary school teacher.
Nevertheless, she chose to pursue academic development afterwards in the Faculty of Philosophy from University Bucharest. She is a graduate in Moral-Philosophy and has a Masters in Applied Ethics. While studying she was also getting involved in various volunteering opportunities, many of which had at least one thing in common: children’s education (be it formal or non-formal).
From charitable hand-crafts workshops, to helping organizing the first movie festival dedicated to kids in Bucharest (KINOdiseea International Children Film Festival), from helping kids in social houses get a library of their own by seeking partnerships and sponsorship with big publishing houses, up to her one year long job in Estonia as a youth worker, her personal development had always a red thread pervading all the diverse experience she had: contributing to children’s well-being.
After that, Verita came as a natural choice. In 2017 she joined Verita team because she wanted build a better world in a structured and coherent manner: through education.