(Year 1A Teacher)

h Evelina has a Bachelor degree in English-German from the University of Bucharest and a Master’s degree in Management and Business Communication from SNSPA. She mostly worked in communication, PR, online management and content writing. But after working as a volunteer within an NGO which offers psychosocial support for children and teenagers hospitalized in the paediatric oncology wards of various hospitals, she realized how much she enjoys working with children and that her childhood dream to become a teacher could still be possible. This experience made her understand that working with children is something that she wants to do on a regular basis.

In the past she has worked as an English teacher at an international school in Bucharest and also tutored both adults and children. Evelina was also involved in other volunteering programs focusing on children and environmental protection. She enjoys spending quality time with her friends, reading, discovering European cinematography and preparing interesting activities for the children at the hospital where she still volunteers weekly.