(Special Education Teacher Assistant)

Claudia Basalau

Claudia is currently attending a Master course in Speech Therapy within the University of Bucharest. She already has a Bachelor Degree in Special Education from the same University and has attended various other courses in Psychology. During University, she volunteered to assist children within “We conquer autism Association”, where she had the chance to learn more about play therapy.
After graduating, she started working as a kindergarten psychologist, performing various evaluations, liaising with parents, and designing personal development programs for children.
She continued her volunteering activities within another association where she was involved in designing and applying supporting programs on cognitive and personal development of institutionalized children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
For the last 3 years she has been a shadow teacher and support person for a child with Down syndrome and she was really happy to have the opportunity to improve the child’s life by assisting him in school, stimulating the language and enhance development through play.