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How can we improve our children’s school work

Parents who want to help their children excel in school must find a balance between freedom and engagement in their activities by setting rules and limits. Every couple wants their child to be a very good pupil. It may seem difficult, but it’s not so hard to get your child to enjoy the academic experience […]

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Please-note! School is about to start

How many of you remember that time of the year when school was about to start? First day of school was coming for you with autumn’s smell and was such a really important day. Nowadays, things seem very similar to the past. Your child gives the same importance to everything about going back to school, […]

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“When children are young they are setting their patterns for life, Their emotional and social well-being matter.” […]

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Nonviolent Communication Workshop

Many parents today want to raise their children in ways that are different from how they themselves were brought up. They want more joy, play and a respectful approach to parenting. […]

Bodymind-workshop for our growth

Our soul is hosted by our body. Humanity used to rely a lot on bodily information; then humans began to worship excessively the mind. Now we are trying to put the mind in service of the body and the other way around. Remember, we are how we move in the world.

By |May 4th, 2015|Verita Events|

Verita Parenting Workshop on 22nd March 2015

Today, parents are well informed and have available countless workshops, books and online articles about raising children and learning parenting strategies. As parents we are all trying to have meaningful relationships, full of connection and joy with our children. However, many parents feel overwhelmed by all the parenting information and despite their efforts, many of […]

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Alfie Kohn Is Coming Back to Romania

Alfie Kohn, one of the most revolutionary international speakers on parenting and education, and the author of the […]

By |October 4th, 2014|Verita Events|

How to cultivate inner strength in children

It is important to teach your child the difference between right and wrong or how to distinguish their good or bad thoughts. […]

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Inspired Teaching with love

As a physics teacher, Jeffrey Wright explains the laws of physics and the universe to his […]

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Resilient Children

Whether facing extraordinary trauma or the everyday challenges of life, all our children and youth need the social and emotional preparation that enables them to be engaged in learning, effectively deal with and learn from failures, work through their conflicts, and become confident, caring and contributing citizens of our communities. […]

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