(School Counselor)

Andreea is an accredited Clinical Psychologist and an Integrative Psychotherapist.
She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University of Bucharest. She attended many accredited trainings focused on the Psychotherapy and Counseling of children and adolescents, families and adults, including a Master’s Degree at the Bucharest University in Evaluation, Counselling and Therapy of Child, Couple and Family and two masteral trainings in Integrative Psychotherapy for adults and children. She also did a parenting training in the „Parenting by connection” approach, led by Hand în Hand Parenting Association in California.
During the years of faculty she started working with children with special needs in private practice, continued to work in Romanian state schools and kindergartens, where she facilitated the educational and social integration of these children. She acquired a strong experience in working with students, parents and teachers. She has been involved in several volunteering projects involving work with abandoned children and adolescents from state orphanages and private care institutions, offering them psychological evaluation and psychotherapy services. She continues to offer family psychotherapy, adult psychotherapy and clinical evaluations in her private practice.
Her responsibilities in our school are to identify children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and to develop individualized educational programs for them, to develop counselling programs- both individual and group services for children and parents. She is also a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) teacher.
She values authentic connections with children, whether is being offered inside the family, where children form their basic psychological development or in the educational environment. She loves learning foreign languages, traveling and being in contact with nature and the sky through her old passion-astronomy.