(Special Education Teacher Assistant)

Full of joy and thoughtful, Alin comes from a town at the foot of the Carpathian Garden. Alin worked for a Publishing House for a few years and there he discovered his love for children. Organizing various workshops with students, teachers and parents around Romania, represented Alin’s first stepping stone that supported him develop long lasting relationships and partnerships with all these individuals. One moment in life, Alin decided to challenge himself and he decided to focus on a Customer Service career. He followed this path for more than 5 years and he developed his understanding about human relationships and communication.

After becoming an uncle, Alin rediscovered his passion for working with children. He has got his Teacher Assistant certification in the United Kingdom and he enjoys supporting both formal and non- formal educational strategies. Alin has also understood the significance of mindfulness in creating fresh minds and developing life skills for our children. He has now completed a Mindful Educator course through Mindful School U.S.A and he is hoping to fully support the emotional intelligence strategies and academic skills become one main stream in educating our students.