How do we carry out our vision?

Emotional and social intelligence is equally important as intellectual intelligence. Our integrated approach offers skills and values that aid in the development of self-motivation and the becoming of an independent learner who will be able to succeed in all of life’s complexities with adaptability, creativity, emotional balance and critical thinking.


Our mission in Verita School is to nurture and enrich the child’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth.

Parents choose our school for its focus and specialization in teaching children to be independent, creative and Emotionally Intelligent.

Children learn best by doing rather than just by watching and listening. To exercise freedom, children must have opportunities to choose.

Nurture important academic skills with individualized lessons! Our programs are designed with a balanced structure of academic support and cultural enrichment.

Member of Council of British International Schools and full compliance to the National Curriculum of England and Wales.

Developing problem solving skills and adaptability in a complex world. Cultivating responsibility and inner strength.

Awakening student's genuine enthusiasm, interest in the world, love of learning and sense of purpose in life.


Verita School views each child as a unique individual and one to be respected for that uniqueness. Verita offers an environment which builds a foundation for lifelong learning.


Verita offers quality afterschool programs expanding learning opportunities that support developmentally appropriate cognitive, social, physical, and emotional outcomes.

COBIS – Council of British International School

We use the National English Curriculum as the core curriculum and educational foundation for our students. COBIS qualifications open doors for Verita students and learners and are a passport to success. The National English Curriculum is recognized by leading universities and employers around the world as evidence of academic ability. The Council of British International Schools – COBIS is a representative of the British Government and other international governing bodies and verifies quality assurance of Verita School’s approach, curriculum and overall management.


A passionate and dedicated team


*Prices per year

*Homemade snacks & lunch available 100% Organic – Bio Products

*We provide an installment plan to parents who need financial assistance.

*Afterschool programs are available from 4:00 – 5:00pm for all ages.

*Prices are calculated on the school year basis and not on the age of the child.

SCHOOL FEEDBACK: We Love our Kids, And They Love Us

Nurture important academic skills with individualized lessons! Our programs are designed with a balanced structure of academic support and cultural enrichment.

Verita is truth and virtue…. Indeed a school where the emphasis is on global development of a child and not only academic. My daughter has learnt to be independent, outgoing and outspoken. The qualified staff, the love and affection that a child gets in this institution is rarely seen.
Kapil, father of a 6 year old girl
Verita School cares greatly for its students and ensures that each child gets the individual attention they need as they have a low student/ teacher ratio. My boys have benefited tremendously by being a part of the ‘Verita family’.
Charlene, mother of 7 and 5 years old boys
Short before the second round of elections in November, I started to think about the option of leaving the country, in case it would not have finished good. I was surprised in a very pleasant way by the next thought, which came into my mind: “Where else would I find a better kindergarten than Verita for my son?”
Andi, father of a 5 year old boy
Verita School is a place of growth and empowerment. Children are nurtured and taken care of beyond expectations. I would recommend Verita School to any parent who wants a safe, loving and adventurous environment for their children education.
Ramona, mother of 8 and 5 years old boys
I’m really glad that I found Verita School. My son is very happy and excited to go to school every morning. He’s also more confident. The teachers are amazing. They seem to be more their best friends than their teachers. It’s like a big family!
Edward, father of a 8 years old boy


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